Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Snow 2010-2011, a comparison.

Thanks to Jon I have some pictures of 4425 comparing spring or summer and this winter.
And just so you know, it has started melting fairly seriously today.
The driveway this winter

The driveway in Spring

The Spirea in June

The Spirea this winter.  Jon had to hack off the side because
it was scratching the cars.

Front view of the house in the summer

Front view from the street this winter.
The pile of snow comes into the street at least 5 feet on each side.
It is one parking lane and one driving lane only.



Skeeter said...

Thank you Nancy,

We're melting quickly here, too!

I saw our first robin yesterday and a passel of them today!

dawson said...

The house looks sooo much better in summer. Thanks Jon and Nancy for the comparison photos.