Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Big Scarf Photo shoot

Once upon a time, I went hiking with three friends.  We decided to take pictures of ourselves using our cameras' time elapse photo option.  What happened was this: I got everyone set up, hit the button and ran to get into the picture.  Nothing happened.  Then Kim wanted to try.  We both got set up, hit our buttons and ran to get into the picture.  Nothing again.  We finally realized DUH, we were hitting the POWER button each time instead of the shutter.  Nancy said she'd help.  What happened?  We hit the buttons, ran into the picture and nothing again.  We couldn't stop doing it!
Eventually we all pushed the right button at the right time.

Iceberg Lake, Glacier National Park, 2006
 We were laughing because we couldn't believe how hard it was for us to take a simple picture.
 Well I guess nothing has changed in my brain.  On Christmas, I had a similar problem. It wasn't so much that I turned the camera off (although I did do that once - gosh I can't believe it!)  It was that I had the camera on record instead of photograph.  So this is what a family looks like while they're waiting for a picture to be taken:


Nancy said...

Dear Mary,
So Funny. We should do one timed picture every time we pick up the camera and then we might get it stuck correctly in our brains. Heh
The thing I notice is that Amanda has white china like me but her's are the cool square ones. I really wanted to buy all new square China but my china cupboard has already fallen off the wall once so I refrained.
I like the apron/scarf look.
Love, Nancy

dawson said...

Is that Christy on the left? Who are those guy? I only recognise Liz, Bijou and Dresdon.

Mary Drew said...

Yes, Christy is on the left. You are so funny. Don't you recognize Amanda, Brian, Ben, Paul and Uncle Paul?