Friday, December 17, 2010

The day after the blizzard

Hi there Jeni and Mary,   These pictures have been ready to post for about a week.  I guess I have been lazy.
Jeni on the front steps.  Note how high the snow drifted on the porch roof.
This is what the window looks like from the inside.
Alice prefers a room with a view
A view of the driveway from the street
The first cut through the driveway.  That snow is high on the side of the neighbors house.
Jon starts to clear the center of the driveway.  E and Jeni helped.

A view of  Jon through the frosted screen of the porch window.
Neighbor kids having a great time in the snow.  The one with the Santa hat has a
black scarf around his face.  You can't even see his eyes.


Mary Drew said...

What bright white snow. Jon sent some pictures via Christy, but when she forwarded them, the picture files didn't come with the email. Jon said my pictures of snow in Billings were "weak." Chortle.

Liou said...