Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

The cooks wearing their aprons.  In order, the Martini apron, the Hot Chili apron,
the Chocolate Cupcake apron, the Yellow Cupcake apron and the Apron apron.
Also two Stuffies, (stuffed animals) were present.
 Thanksgiving was a good time.  We had lots of help cooking and way more help eating.   We had some Watermelon Pickles which I had never eaten before.  They were very interesting.  I would have them again.
Watermelon Pickles and some nice olives.
We got an assortment of olives from the Co-op.   My favorite ones are the light green ones.  YUM!
4 different Cranberry Relishes.  The pink one is Susan Stamberg's with horseradish.  
We had a difference of opinion on the Cranberry Relish and ended up with four different ones.  I liked them all except for the one by Mama Stamberg.   I don't mind hot but I don't like horseradish.   Dad loves it.
Pear Cheese Cake with Ginger Snap crust was the favorite dessert!
Jeni had to hide it after she made it the night before.  My brother Chris went looking but she hid it too well!
One person, un-named, had cheesecake, apple pie and pumpkin pie with a 'little' whipped cream.
A good time was had by all.   Jon won the first game of Hand and Foot and Nancy won the second one.  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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