Monday, November 15, 2010

My FREE Sewing Machine

Free Parlor Cabinet Sewing Machine from 1916
This is the Sewing Machine I bought from Peggy McBride at the River Rat Toga this September.  When I started working on it I found the manual and also this 'raffle' ticket in the inner drawers of the machine.   The ticket was the top part of an advertising flyer dated Saturday February 19th, 1916 from Weyrick & Evans of Traer, Iowa.  It was number 1297.
Guarantee for Free Sewing Machine Co.
Raffle ticket No. 1297

Serial Number for this Free Sewing Machine.
The person holding the ticket didn't win the free Free Machine because on the inside back page of the manual was this notation.
Paid  37+ old machine (unless that is a 9)
 Here is the manual.  It was all crinkled up and torn.  I ironed it flat and used some tape to reinforce it.
Free Sewing Machine Manual
Close up of machine head

It stitches very nicely
The front doors open up and become the support for the flip top cover.  They also hold  the attachments, an oil can and thread.  The oil can that I 'liberated' from Mohn Electric more than 20 years ago fit perfectly in a little round divot on the right side inside door.  I just knew I needed that tiny little oil can.  I bet it came from my first husbands grandmother.  She was a quilter too.
Right inside door drawers 

The tiny oil can fit perfectly in the cut out circle

Left inside door showing attachment box
Attachment box with 5 more bobbins and attachments that look unused
I really like this machine.  It is in my living room near the front door.  I hope to do some sewing on it for the Christmas block exchange for the MN/WI Junkies Christmas Party.



Denise said...

That machine is just a treasure. What a find.

Mary Drew said...

Really neat! The oil can coincidence is amazing. Funny how sometimes you just "know."

Nancy said...

In all the years (16)I worked at Mohn's no one ever used that oil can. I decided it should live with someone who would appreciate it.
Now it is 20 years since I worked there and it has finally found it's new/old home again.

yarndiva said...

Beautiful machine with such interesting decals. I use an Ott Light for my trreadling also. That is just about the only thing I miss from electrics....a built in light.

Jennifer Leigh said...

Huh! Looking at your machine I realize I don't have a #5. Wonder what my model was called?