Sunday, July 19, 2009

Recent Quilting Projects

Hi Mary and Jeni,
I haven't only been working in the pond. I have been watching the Tour de France and also quilting and sewing. Aprons have been one of the things I enjoyed making lately as well as a quick foray into recovering furniture with quilting. Also I am working on a pink/peach/red/magenta and white quilt. The quilt I am working on while touring France. The others are finished for now. I do plan on making a few more aprons though. They are fast and fun.
However my favorite part of the apron photo's is the photographer in the mirror.
The furniture recovering came about because of an article in a quilt magazine showing some chairs that were reupholstered in pieced quilted fabric. Wow were they pretty. So, since I had been at an estate sale with Jeni and I had picked up this footstool I decided to recover it in the green and pink and cream of my living
Here is the finished project.

Faye has it at the Henhouse for a sample right now, but I will get it back eventually.
Lastly the white and multi/pink quilt I am working on.
I hope it will turn out to be a large full or a small queen, but that depends on how much of the border fabric I can beg out of my friend Karen. She has, she says, "Lots of it left". Here's hoping. I will just add it on the two sides as it is already around 96 inches long. I laid it out in the library and had to stand in the stairway to get this picture.
Here are details with cats.
Do you think Alice is channeling PJ the Fatty Kitty?


Mary Drew said...

I love your quilt posts. Somehow I didn't get announcement that you had posted again, and it's been almost a week. Lovely aprons! I'm almost ready to buy myself a sewing machine.

Mary Drew said...

The cats decorating your quilts are charming. They appear to be hamming it up for the camera. Do you think they know when you are taking their picture?

Nancy said...

Well Abbie usually hides when I come after her with the camera. If trapped she tries to look dignified.
Alice is definately a ham.