Sunday, July 26, 2009

Origami love

First: this is what my Angel-leaf Begonia has been doing for about a month: 
It is so gorgeous, isn't it?
Besides that, what have I been doing? Not knitting. Not gardening. Doing homework.  Going to work.  Going to work to do homework.
Oh all right, I'm exaggerating a bit.  Yes, I've been doing homework - in fact I probably put in about 8 hours today.  But I've been doing a phenomenal amount of reading, too.  In the last few weeks I've read, or listened to: 
Bad Manners by Marne Davis Kellogg (ongoing - Evanovich "read-alike" except she's a Republican you can tell); 
Fablehaven by Branden Mull (Young Adult fantasy - really good); 
Book Lust by Nancy Pearl (ongoing for several months); 
Tears of the Giraffe (ongoing) and The World According to Bertie, both by Alexander McCall Smith; 
Blink by Malcom Gladwell (ongoing - have the book, and also have it as downloadable audio) 
and there's for certain some I've forgotten.  I also just picked up some SF called Old Man's War by John Scalzi and it's really funny so I might have to add it to my ongoing list.  That makes six ongoing books, and that's about normal.  I love it that reading makes me better at my job.  Oh, and I forgot, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (ongoing).  I have a book in every room, sometimes two.
And the other thing that's distracting me is origami.  Behold my many boxes:
I just learned how to make the insert to the Masu (pronounced maht-zu) box today, online at eHow.  This is very exciting.  You look for fabric, I look for origami paper.  I feel a folding fit coming on right now...must go...see you later.  Love, Mary

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Nancy said...

Wow! I love your boxes. I know what to get you for christmas now. Origami Paper.
Watch out for those folding fits.