Friday, February 13, 2009

Okay, I'll bite.

And by that, Nancy, I mean I'll post something too.  If only I had gotten a decent picture of the latest Mystery Bird outside our window.  Females: rusty head; Males: red head, back, breast.  About the size of waxwings.  Stout beaks.  Wings on both that are black with white bars.  As Dave Barry is prone to saying, "I am not making this up."
Meanwhile, last weekend we had the Whitefish Winter Carnival.  I went to the Catholic Church Pie Social with the library ladies, and later, to the parade.  It was the usual February thaw, and with sunny skies it was a good day to stand around on a snow bank and watch our friends and neighbors go by.  Here's a picture of the  bagpipes: 
The bagpipes were on Second Street.  After I went home and changed the batteries in my camera (dang batteries!), I trotted over to Central Avenue because I just had to catch a glimpse of the Working Women of Whitefish.  This year, in with the theme of Fairy Tales, they were dressed up as Whitefish's Fairy Godmothers.
After the excitement, it was back home, so I could help Fatty Kitty do statistics.  He's getting pretty good at it, but only if he reads all the material he's supposed to before he tackles the exercises.  
    And that's about it for now.  The Winter Carnival is gone, but statistics are still here for about five more weeks.   Love, Mary


Nancy said...

How about a Pine Grosbeak?

Nancy said...

Or, how good a look did you get at the beak. The White Winged Crossbill looks like it could be one that gets into your area occasionally from the North. I know a lot of northern birds are coming south this year. Snowy Owls for one here in MN and ND. I have been using Sibley's book to check in.