Monday, February 23, 2009

Food and Cards

We had a good time on Sunday. We played a game of hand and foot, but before we started Jon and I put together a slow cooker recipe that Jim had found and I bought the goodies for. Then at the end of the game we had chicken with apricots (and onions and carrots). It was a moroccan inspired dish with cinnamon and honey and wine so I served it with couscous that was cooked in the wine and honey sauce the chicken basted in.

Yum! We ate like little piggies and I still had some chicken left over for Enchiladas tonight and maybe stir fry tomorrow.
E took this picture with her cell phone camera.


Mary Drew said...

I'm hungry.

Nancy said...

I made enchilada's out of the leftover chicken on Tuesday and Dad made chicken soup (with carrots and apricots) from the leftovers today. The soup was amazingly good. Even the apricots!