Saturday, December 13, 2008

Landscape Quilting

Hi Mary,

Well we had a nice safe quick trip up home and back. Good roads. The only problem was when we came back we couldn't get online at all. So I spent some time with Earthlink and they got us online for an evening but Dad said they screwed up his computer. Oops!

So Dad fixed his computer and then we were offline again. So after some more time with Earthlink they promised to upgrade our router. Yes the new router is working wonderfully. It is a 'G' router and the old one was a 'B'. B for Bad and G for Good?

Anyway I can now upload a picture of the Landscape quilt that I made from the picture of you and Brian standing in front of Whitefish Lake on Jan 1 2000.

I haven't been able to finish it. I was going to make a traditional quilted binding and then I noticed that it would just about fit in my oversized standing picture frame if I just cut a little off of it. But I don't want to cut anything off of it. Meanwhile it is on my design wall waiting for me to finish me designing.

So, do you like it?




Anonymous said...

What a beautiful quilt!

Mary Drew said...

Looking at it makes me a good way. There's something about that lake - especially in the colors and peacefulness of winter - that is the soul of everything I love about Whitefish.