Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Whitefish Lake

Nancy! I looked at that quilt and said, "That looks like Whitefish Lake," and then I read your post. Yes, I do like it! That is one of my favorite scenes - the lake in winter. It's quiet, and icy blue and white, with all the subtle colors of winter. Here's the picture that I think of when I see that quilt...
...and some more we took that day. It was the morning of the day we got married.
Gee, I'm starting to feel all sentimental. This anniversary will be the first one that the Ol' Bear is on a cruise and we won't be together. Sigh. Oh well, what matters is that we're still having an anniversary, and we'll be thinking of each other on that day. Honestly, usually I'm the one that forgets. In fact, Christy and he have a running joke about if I'll remember or not! And no, I don't think you should cut anything off it!

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Nancy said...

Hi Mary,
Yes, that is the picture I was looking at when I worked on that quilt. I guess I did it right. The only thing that bugs me is I didn't use anything under the fabric to stabelize it and so it is wrinkled around the christmas tree where I heavily stitched. Rats!
But non quilters won't realize that is wrong so I won't say anything about it. However I did learn to do my machine embroidery with stablizer.