Sunday, February 17, 2008

Alice is jealous

Hi Mary,
Alice wants her own yoga post. Anything Fatty Kitty can do she can do better. It is a female thing.

Now if I only knew anything about Yoga I could tell you the name of these poses. Something about the sun I think. But that could be the influence of the sunny stripes on the bed.

Alice rests her case. Alton and Abbie had no interest whatsoever. They are too young for Yoga.

By the way, I am registered for Sally Melville's talk on Creativity hosted by Needlework Unlimited on April 10th up on France Avenue. I am looking forward to it. Have you had time for any knitting lately? I haven't.



1 comment:

Mary Drew said...

Ooooo. Alice might be better than Fatty Kitty! (Don't let Fatty Kitty see this - he'd spit at me in scorn)