Tuesday, February 19, 2008

17,100 points in Hand and Foot!!!

Hi Mary,

Just thought we needed photo verification of the Hand and Foot game played the evening of February 19th. On the last hand (150 points) we had 17,100 points just in the piles. Jim and Maggie and I all had wild piles. Dad had over 900 points, I had 7 hundred and some and Mom was way high too. Jim, who had a wild pile, four cleans and two dirties and some red three's claimed to only have 475 in points.

Dad was so disturbed by this he had to count Jim's hand himself. He came up with 575 points so we figure Jim lost 100 somehow while counting. It was quite a hand and we were all relieved when someone (ME!!!) could finally go out.


Your sister,


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