Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tomorrow: School; Tonight: Tapioca (with whipped cream)

Tomorrow the grind starts again. Just two days after we got back from vacation, we were all struck down by the flu. Ugh! I didn't actually have to resort to the toilet, but the others were much sicker than I. Even Ol' Bear remarked that he knew he was really sick when he didn't feel like drinking beer, and he was cold! He even asked for an extra blanket on the bed. Now that is sick!

Thus the tapioca, which the package calls "soothing." That must be because of the warm milk. It came out a little soupy...

but apparently PJ is interested anyway, also probably because of the warm milk. Get out of there, PJ!

Yes, a little tapioca feels good going down. Maybe that professor will finally post our readings tomorrow so we can get started. Or not. Here ya go, PJ.


Nancy Drew said...

Oh no! Too bad you were all sick. We have been OK here except I got a cold on Saturday and now sound like the bass singer in the choir.
However I don't have to go to work or do anything until Thursday so I should be healthy by then.
So who took over your storytime?

Mary Drew said...

Actually, we were all fine on Thursday and Friday. The flu hit Saturday. I did storytime and we all had fun. Kids are smart and funny.