Tuesday, January 1, 2008

O Go Jump in the Lake

Today has been the coldest of the entire trip visiting the folks in Minneapolis. And today is also the day that E (that's her name, we're not changing it to protect her) was slated to jump into Lake Minnetonka with a crew of her running buddies, among others.

So, 4 degrees above zero (Fahrenheit), with 25 mph winds making a wind chill of -15, and what do you do? Do you call it off? Nope. See E here. The rest of us were freezing just standing there. There is also an extended video of people jumping on KTSP's website, but they cut away about 2 jumps before E.

We were so cold from waiting to watch the jump that we didn't stay around much after E did her dive. It took awhile to warm up. The warmest part of the day came in the afternoon, when the temperature came up to 5 degrees.

Well, gotta go pack now. Tomorrow we fly back to Montana. Work and school loom ahead. : ( On the other hand, at least it's warmer there! : )

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