Monday, May 21, 2012

My Singer Model 12 handcrank with a fiddle base.

Singer Model 12, handcrank (with bentwood case.)
Dear Mary and Jeni,

These are before pictures. 

I am not going to do much cleaning as I don't wan't to ruin the lovely decals.  There is some oil around the pillar that I will carefully clean up and I will try to do something about the nickle plate as it is dull and a little rusted on the hand crank lever.   Otherwise I will leave it as it is.   

It is so beautiful that I can't stand it.  It moves perfectly quietly so I feel that if I can only get it threaded and get the shuttle in correctly I will be able to sew with it.  

Right now it is the earliest machine I own.  They were made up until 1902, so this machine is older than 100 years. It looks pretty good for it's age doesn't it?

How many other machines made over a century ago are still working.  These machines were made to last!  Here is a link to more info about the Singer Model 12.  

detail of decals on front of Singer Model 12.

detail of decals on center of the 'fiddle' base.
face plate decals.
decals even on the handcrank!
The bentwood case.
The top number is the serial number.  8296094
It dates the machine to 1888 according to the Singer Co. records.
Cindy Peters says it takes a #23 needle and she has them for sale.  I will be ready to go once I get a few new ones.  The one in it looks as old as the machine.
Yes it is a beauty!



dawson said...

That is so beautiful! Play your fiddle, Nancy. And the bentwood case is a work of art as well. Score!

Mary Drew said...

Oh my, that is gorgeous. It even makes me think I want to collect old sewing machines...NOT! The fiddle base is new to me - it is just really beautiful.

So if you know it was made in 1888, do you know where it could have been made?

Too bad everything isn't built to last like those machines are.

DragonPoodle said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You are one lucky woman.

Cheryl Warren

Nancy said...

I only know it was NOT made in England because it is not a 12K. The K designation means the Kilbowie Scotland Singer mfg. plant.

Julie said...

I love your machine! I just got an 1874 Model 12 head. It has lost its decals. I actually got it stitching. Threading the bobbin shuttle is a little convoluted, but with persistence and trial and error, I got it. I need to make it a base and buy a hand crank for it. Such a sweet little old machine.