Thursday, June 16, 2016

I love pincushions

basket and doorknob pincushions.  About 3 inches high each.
Don't ask me why.  I can't stop making them.  I bought this tiny little basket with pincushions in my mind.  The doorknob has been floating around for years.  Today they became more than knick knacks.

Aren't they cute?

The front side...

Now I have a Chicken Pincushion.  I couldn't resist this chicken and egg item.  It is about 3 inches high.

and, the other side.  Heh .  It is a tiny egg house!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

How did you make the door knob pin cushion?

Nancy said...

For the doorknob I cut a 3.5 inch circle of fabric and basted around the outside edge. About far enough away so it wouldn't unravel to easily. Then I pulled the thread ends to close the opening. When it was about half way closed I started stuffing it with wool batting. I stuff it until it is really tight and full and occasionally I tighten the basting threads until it is really full and the threads are as close together as I can make them.

I take a couple of passes through the batting with the needle and thread to anchor it and tie it off.. Then I use tacky glue and glue it to the item I want to attach it to. Easy Peasy. As a note this door knob did not have the brass shank attached to it so it was a fairly flat surface to glue it to.

Mary Drew said...

It's true. You are nuts about pincushions.

Mary Drew said...

Okay, now I can't help but think: "Guess what? Chicken butt!"