Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Hi Mary and Jeni,
Bunny night lights
I have been making luminaries again.  I kept freezing the balloon ones solid so I have some that are just ice balls.  I could have candles in 4 of them but it was so windy it took 4 tries to get the round one lit so I stopped trying.
It has been great luminary weather for several weeks now.  I went out to peek at them tonight and saw something moving in front of the lower light.  I looked harder and recognized bunny ears.  I went for my camera and when I got back the bunny had come up the stairs and was eating the bird seed that I payed a lot of money for.  (Niger Thistle Seed)  Oh well.  I like bunnies and at least it wasn't a skunk or, more likely, a squirrel.

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