Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fatty Tomato Jr.

Hey Mary and Jeni,
I was going to link this post to your post about Fatty Tomato Sr.
But I can't find it.     Here it is. 
The proud gardener.
This year we have 6 tomato plants in the garden. Jim's Early Girl is a non-starter for some reason. Maybe we have had too much rain.  But a new tomato for me, called Pruden's Purple, is causing shock and awe in the garden.  One point five pounds of tomato goodness!
The first tomato in the garden.
The garden is rather full this year.  Rain every three days will do that for a garden.  Now, in late July, we have only watered twice.  We might need to water again on Friday.  Wow, three times this summer!
The garden on July 29. 2014
So anyway Fatty Tomato Jr. was looking so big, fat, juicy and tempting that I was afraid he was going to be plundered by some lawless animal.  I worried over him for two days and then I brought him in yesterday thinking he could ripen on the kitchen counter.  After only one day on the counter he was sacrificed for the first ripe garden tomato sandwich of 2014.
The first sandwich.
My friend Beth Davies taught me her version of the tomato sandwich many years ago and it is still my favorite.  A ripe garden tomato, real Mayo and white bread.  This bread was Sicilian Bread from the Turtle bakery which is covered with sesame seeds.  YUM.  I added fresh lettuce from the garden because I could. I know, I know, white bread! It is a failing of mine.  I have tried to prefer wheat but it just doesn't do it for me and I will NOT apologize! 

After my lunch with big fat slices of tomato (almost 3/4 of an inch thick) in the (noB) LT sandwich we still had enough so we could both have our first BLT's of the season for supper.  And there is a glass jar in the fridge with about a cup of diced tomato in it for tomorrow's breakfast or dinner.  

Mission accomplished for this year.   Heh.  

Maybe next I will talk about the Roma II beans I have blanched and frozen for later.  


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Yum. I sure enjoyed the ones you shared!