Monday, November 5, 2012

I hope Heidi does go to Washington

Hi Mary and Jeni,
Jim was being a good husband and  taking my quilt up to Faye's Henhouse where it lives in the winter.  And because he was going up to Mayville and Heidi Heitkamp was traveling through town on a last day turn out the vote trip he had her hold the quilt and he took her picture.  
Unfortunately he then had to explain to her that (for some reason) he wasn't giving her the quilt, just taking her picture with it.  
Heidi has to give it up.
He emailed me to explain why I had to give the quilt to her if she gets to Washington as the new Senator from North Dakota.
The race is supposed to be close, but Heidi is considered the underdog.
Tomorrow we will find out.  If she wins it would be amazing.

Update:Uh-oh.  It is AMAZING!  She WON!


Mary Drew said...

Eeeeek! That is my favorite quilt! (or in the top 3 - I can't tell unless I look through all your quilts again.) I don't mind where it goes as long as there's a good picture of it somewhere. Want to make greeting cards from your quilts? I'd buy them!
PS of course I wouldn't turn it down...I wouldn't turn down ANY of your quilts. :) Which reminds me - did anyone win the quilt that we bought raffle tickets for?

Mary Drew said...

PPS I hope Heidi wins!

Nancy said...

My friend Esther won it. I did not sell her a ticket. Rats