Sunday, August 26, 2012

Half Square Triangles and Challenge Fabric

5-Batik Quilt
This is what I am working on right now.
I got 1/2 yard of 5 different batiks and was allowed to add one coordinating fabric.  That is the dark which has stars with all of the other colors as the design.  IT WAS IN MY STASH!
I ended up with half square triangles (4-1/2" finished) and used up all but about 2 inches of the fabric.  Then I had to decide what to do with all my half square triangles.  So many choices...

I found this pattern on the Surrounded by Scraps blog by Linda Nussbaum.  Her post was from September 14, 2011.  It doesn't look anything like this quilt.  Here is her block from that blog.
I wasn't sure if I liked it, but once I started laying it out I loved it.

This is the middle block from the top row.
I intend to add the 3" black border, shown on two sides in the picture, and then (illegal for this challenge) I shall add another border in one of the identical fabrics that I found at Faye's Henhouse.  That will bring it up to a small queen size.  More useful to me than the twin size.

The best thing about half square triangles is I used up almost every bit of the fabric.  I cut 6 inch squares to start with and did the mark the back and sew on both sides of the line system.  I had to add 5 squares of an almost the same chartreuse fabric to finish the border. (the ones on the bottom)

I recommend this block highly.  Thanks Linda!

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DragonPoodle said...

Lovely design! I've been thinking about doing a hst design. yours is very inspiring! thanks!
Cheryl Warren