Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stash stuff

First, here are a couple of finished projects:
The Nostalgic Ear-Flap Hat from a Churchmouse Yarns and Teas newsletter (I added a brim).

and my first (and second) Monster (and baby) from Rebecca Danger's pattern.

This monster and her baby are in a box right now headed for Missoula, MT and a little girl's first birthday.

The other thing I'm doing is archiving my stash on Ravelry.  I was inspired by a Knit 'N Needle shoppe thread of people taking pictures of their stash.  I took one overall picture that looked like a bunch of plastic bags

 and then I started taking pictures in earnest.

Sock yarn from Needlework Unlimited in Minneapolis;
Manos del Uruguay kettle-dyed wool from Knit 'N Needle in Whitefish;

Noro Kureyon from Knit 'N Needle, I think;

Even more of the silk/mohair than I thought I had;

       Remember this Icelandic wool from Harris?  I think it may have come from Ram Wools.  And why won't it post right-side up?  Dagnabbit, contrary Blogger!
Of course, all that is only a smidgeon of what I have.  And then, since I know you'll be in ND, Nancy dear, why don't you take a picture of your stash for us to gloat over?  Because I find that I can gloat over someone else's stash.  I suppose you'll have a yarn stash and a fabric stash.  Which is bigger?
Oh - and if someone thinks you're wasting your time, just think how handy it would be for insurance purposes - because it's amazing how many dollars we crafters have stashed in our stashes!  It's like E and her stuffies. : )


Nancy said...

OMG as E would say. I once took pictures of my stashes. Ihave them all over and one picture would not be enough.

BTW I want that teal silk and mohair back...:-)

I might take a few pictures of the 45 boxes in their many hiding places and the drawers of yarn and the plastic 3 drawer rolling boxes of yarn and the plastic milk bottle holder of yarn, but goodness I will be embarrased. And then I would have to open each box and take a snap of the interior. AAUUGGHHH
Speaking of yarn a friend from the knitters days just joined my vintage sewing machine group. I haven't seen her since 1987 that I remember. Did you ever meet Cheryl Zylla?

Nancy said...

Oh Mary Mary Mary,
You have sent me to Ravalry again and I am enthralled by the yarn search engine and the way you can look at people's stash. OHhhhhhHHHhhh NoooOOOooooOOOOOooooooo.....

Mary Drew said...

I can send you back the teal mohair/silk - but you have to have a project for it. I'm not going to send it back so it can sit in one of your boxes (are there really 45)?

Mary Drew said...

We should do a Ravelry for quilters. We would make a freakin' fortune.

Nancy said...

I started with a few photo's of my stash and ended up doing the boxes, drawers,bags and shelves first. No details. Then I did my books. That took forever. I did one of two of specific yarns - but that will take me weeks. Months. YIKES.

dawson said...

I love Mary's pictures of her stash.
Quick Mary...make something with the teal silk and mohair!

dawson said...

Oh,and I love the hat and the Monsters. And the purple mohair.

Nancy said...

Jeni, That silk and mohair yarn came from Lee Wards in the 1980's and was on sale for $2 a skein. I bought many many skeins in many many colors and it is still beeeUteeful. Mary has some bits of it that I thought I could part with.

My friend Lois Cutter and I about bought out the store that day. (((sigh))) Ahhh the good ol' days.