Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Love My Garden, 2010 Edition

Hi there Mary and Jeni,
Walkways?  What walkways? Hint, see the hose?
OK, so now you know the truth.  I love my garden.  It has 6 sections that are delineated by brick walkways that are so overgrown in the summer that they might as well not be there.  It has a center of star blocks that ends up the same way.   Not that you can see them in this picture.  However, below is a picture where they show up.
See, there are too walkways in the garden!
This photo is from Spring 2009 and taken early in the spring when I was watching my tulip corner bloom.
I am loving it so much right now because I am banned from it while adjusting to the transplant.  "No Gardening" they said.  Right after that they said "No Cats".  Heh, AS IF!
 Nancy in her tulip corner, 2009
So I am staying out of it for now.  But I really want to go in there and take some close-up pictures of some of the flowers that are blooming right now.  Tomorrow when I go to see the doctor I will ask about that.  I would think I could just walk in it if I promise not to dig up any potatoes or anything.
Nancy and Alice Johnson in the Garden, 2009
Now if this video ever loads it will show a little one minute snippit staring a 13 striped ground squirrel and some ants and a butterfly puddle (not pool).  
August 12, 2008
That's all for now,


Mary Drew said...

The video started for me. It was one of those peaceful videos, huh?

Nancy said...

i just used the video link on the posting page. I thought I would have to youtube it, but I didn't.
Yup, a peaceful day in the garden. I like those the best.