Thursday, June 3, 2010

Billings Diary Day 58: Two Moon Park

Howdy Jeni, Nancy, et. al.,

Me and the Ol' Bear went on a walk in Two Moon Park. It's supposed to be for bicycles but we saw more walkers than bikers.

The impetus for this was that I've been living here for two months and I haven't seen the "storied" Yellowstone River. I've tried to find it a couple of times but only caught glimpses and kept getting lost (although I did find where the Subaru fix-it guy was so it wasn't a complete trail fail). When we saw the Yellowstone from Two Moon Park it was not what impressed me, although when I think of the Yellowstone River I think of history: Lewis and Clark, mountain men, and Yellowstone Park.

What impressed me about Two Moon Park was the birds. It might be nice to bike through, but you won't get as much chance to appreciate the birds that way. I wish I could take pictures as you do, Nancy, but birds in a park don't come to where you're waiting for them. I did get some of this killdeer:

She met us on the trail, chirping piteously, and zig-zagged up the path in front of us for quite a ways, even performing the "broken wing" trick, until finally we were clear of her nest and off she flew.

We saw white-tails in ones, twos, and threes - the park is a safe place for them.

And we even saw some monster fish, which when they got close enough we realized were giant carp. They were opening and closing their pink mouths as they swam along, like monster goldfish.

Despite it being a gloomy day, and raining on us a bit as well, we were happy with our outing. I might go there on my bike too, because the trails are easy enough for me. But walking lets you see so much more - I might keep the bike for commuting.

Love, Mary

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Nancy said...

Hi there Mary,
Your description of the bird playing injured is perfect for a Kildeer.
I remember many years ago I was biking in South Minneapolis with a guy who was not a birder and we came upon a Kildeer around 36th and Grand Ave South (strange place I thought)and it did that little move.
The guy was totally fooled.

I told him several times that the bird was not injured but until the bird flew away he kept trying to help it.
I kept looking around for the nest but I never saw it.
One of their favorite places to make a nest is in the stones on the side of a gravel road. It is almost impossible to see the eggs.