Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter 2010

Jim has been moved to have something on the blog.  He was made a co-poster when we started but didn't have anything he NEEDED to post about until now.  This is the view from the front bedroom window.  It is Abbott Avenue.  It doesn't look to bad at first until you realize those are ruts down the center of the street.  And you are looking at them from quite aways away.  Up close they are darn near deep enough to trap small children.  Or, according to Jim, "peel off a low hanging car muffler."
See what he means?  Down at street level it is even scarier.
The story about the streets goes like this.  The state of Minnesota is out of money.  And, we have this really stupid Republican Governor (Pawlenty) who has said no new taxes (which is why we are out of money) so the state has cut much of the money it used to allot to the cities.  Minneapolis thought it would save money before the Christmas storm by not plowing for some little 1-2 inch snowfalls.  
Then, on Christmas eve/day, there was a bigger storm and they had to plow.  
The snow was amazingly wet and heavy and they got through the highways and 'snow emergency routes'  which took 2 days, but by the time they started on the side streets it got really cold.  Way below zero.  The wet snow froze into lovely ice and there it has stayed.  The ruts dug into the soft wet snow are just getting a little more slippery as the sun smooths them a tiny bit in the daytime.  What a mess!!!  It is now February and you know that after being there 5 weeks that ice is not going away until the spring thaw.  
Jim claims they are at their worst right in front of Mom and Dad's house.

Jim again...."So it's slow driving on Abbott Avenue this winter."
Wow, 16 words.  Well he isn't wasting them is he?  I however am positively squandering my words.  All over the page.  And saying nothing.  Now that takes talent.   I will let the pictures I took in Clifford speak for me.  We went home for a few days and I took some pictures of the snow in the yard.  Lots of snow.  Jim says the snow in Clifford is a lot prettier than the 'snow' in Minneapolis.  The gravel roads are way better than the Minneapolis streets also.
Some of those drifts are between 3 and 4 feet high.  (I have no idea how I made this link)
I am not sure what happened to the pond.  I was quite lazy after I took out the 'water feature' and left the pump going, but there was no sign of it.    I had to peer out the window in the front room to see it as the screened in porch was full.
I don't know what the cats would have though but they did not want to come on such a short trip.
Some metal lawn chairs marooned in the back yard.
And the front steps with another chair.  Really, the steps are there.  
We, however, entered the house though the north door and our lovely new deck/porch.  My it was nice!  I have no idea why I didn't take a picture of it.  Maybe because it was shoveled and didn't have that pristine snowy look about it.  So, for a little contrast....
I don't know how people without seasons stand it!
Love, Nancy


Mary Drew said...

I remember the winter I was nine. The city ran out of money to plow the streets that year too (but I think that time was because it snowed so much they used up the plowing money by February - or whatever month it was). The ruts were so bad you could barely pull out of them to park in front of your house. I distinctly remember being dropped off at the corner of 44th at 9 pm one night, because the parent driving home from the Pioneer Girls meeting took one look at the ruts and wouldn't drive up the street. Me and Nancy Schwender had to walk up the street in the dark (no biggie back then).

Susan said...

Hey Nancy!!!

SO glad you found me, great to meet part of Abbie's staff! I have been meaning for ages to comment on other Chet fan's blogs but I just get so sidetracked, ugh. Some of the other commentor's links don't work, I've been meaning to mention that too. Not sure if they care, but mine is pretty crucial for exposure, so I'd want to know. You're photos are great, those ruts are extremely scary. I'd love to know how that gov. of yours would like it after someone sues the state for negligence or whatever you'd call it, when someone gets hurt or killed because of those things! Your porch is lovely, you must live out there when the weather is nice - I couldn't live without the seasons either. Half my family lives in FLA, I don't know how they stand it! I also left a comment on your quilt retreat blog, what a great place. It's been so fun meeting people from all over the world through blogs and facebook. I'm having a blast! I started following your blog, feel free to follow mine if you're interested, no biggie if you're not!

If you'd like to keep in touch with email, mine is I hardly ever check my gmail, but I need to more as new people to my blog use that for contacting - I'd better check it now actually!

Thanks again for leaving a comment and getting in touch, have a great day...Susan (and Cosmo too)

Nancy Schwender Felegy said...

Mary, I have so many fabulous memories of Abbott Ave and the fun we had as kids. I feel like we had the best childhood EVER! When my sisters and I all get together and we start telling stories we laugh and laugh and laugh. Maybe sometime this winter when I'm over that way I will stop to say hi to your folks and Nancy.
When perusing the Blogs, I found your stash of family pictures. I didn't know your mom was in the WACs! Nice job putting them together with the history. I would like to do that with all the Schwender pictures...somehow I ended up with ALL of them!
Call me when you're in town, I would love to visit. Nancy Schwender

Shelley said...
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Nancy said...
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Shelley said...

Hey Nancy!.. just wanted to comment on your Birthday Party! what a Great Day!..hope everything is going well with you and family! I promise Fred and I will be out there to visit soon! love ya!