Thursday, November 19, 2009

Indoors, Outdoors and Quilting at Faye's

Hi Mary and Jeni,
This is what is left on my ancient crabapple tree. Jim's parents planted it in the late 1940's. It has had many branches fall off or die but it still has the apples each year. I am waiting for the Cedar Waxwings to come and clean it off.
Speaking of clean, this is my new, chair and a half sleep sofa. The cats love it. It is a good thing I took pictures as soon as it and the 'storage ottoman' were in place. The room is just a junk pile right now. I have also added three painted wooden kitchen chairs that I am in the process of making new quilted seats for. (no pictures of those yet)
Alice and Abbie above, and Abbie below.
It was not hard to find them on it for pictures. Here is Alice queening it up for the camera.
Then I spent last weekend at Faye's with my cohorts in crime. We just love being given the key to the store and being able to play all weekend. This is the quilt top that I finished on Saturday.
It is a queen sized (84 x 108) and is intented to be my summer quilt. I am putting a lightweight cotton backing on it instead of the flannel I put on my black and white quilt that is the same pattern.
Yes that is me being proud.


Mary Drew said...

So that is a "storage" ottoman? I would like to have one of those, but our current living room is too tiny. I need the floor space to do stretches and yoga.

Hmmm, suppose I should call Jen and the folks tomorrow. Where will you be for Thanksgiving?

Nancy said...

We plan on being right here. The turkey is in the fridge and the only thing I couldn't find was decent pumpkin. (Only store brand) Maybe I will order a pie from Paula's. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Nancy said...

These storage ottomans are a bust. At least this one was. First it looks huge but most of it is a cushion attached to the top of the tiny little box underneath. There is about 7 inches of storage space in there. Enough to put in the stupid giant pillows that came with the couch and the quilt for the bed when I make it up. I planned the pink and white quilt for the bed and so it is inside the ottoman.
And then, as you so wisely noted, it takes up so da*n much room that I am already thinking about getting rid of it. I no longer have that space to lay my quilts out on the floor. I should always remember to measure things before I buy them. I thought it would be the size of the cushion on the little couch, but it is the size of the couch.