Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Farmers' Market in Whitefish

All summer long, I worked on Tuesday nights, across the street from Depot Park where Whitefish has its Farmers' Market.  I knew it had grown and didn't really mind that I wasn't fighting the crowds.  But now it's September, tourists have (mostly) gone home, and I wanted some fresh produce.  My coworker agreed to trade hours with me, so yesterday evening, I ventured out to my first market since...well since 2007.

It was wonderful.  I knew it had gotten bigger, and I don't like to share my hometown with strangers, so I was happy with the local crowd.  We had a band that I had never heard before; I love them.  
Bluestone - jazz, funk, and electric jam (I think I read it on their website.)   Of course, no public festival with music is complete without toddlers dancing.  They're the best dancers in the world.
There were Hutterite women selling jams and jellies,

a John Deere ice cream machine,

a recycled metal sculptor and his bird bird-feeders,

and a truck full of melons, surrounded by people and (of course) wasps.

I went to the Yak burger stand - AKA the Cuisine Machine - the Yak burger is fourth down on the menu -
and got a Yak burger with sweet potato fries.  Tasted like lean beef, and it was on the most delicious whole wheat (I think) bun with sesame, sunflower, flax and another seed I forget.  They also made a fresh looking salad and Pad Thai bowls:

Too bad I won't be at another Farmers' Market to try those.  
But my haul wasn't too bad:

varied cherry tomatoes, tiny yellow patty-pan squash, carrots, purple potatoes, and a wooden hat given me by a woodturner, just because I admired it!   I am going to be eating some delicious food...while admiring my new hat.


Nancy said...

Wow! I really NEED a bird bird feeder! It would sure look nice in the garden. If you could see it that is! My friend Deb grows purple potatoes. She loves the color purple. She says they turn a delicate shade of blue when you mash them.
Her biggest disappointment was purple podded string beans which turn green when heated up to eat. Got to eat them raw.

Grunniens Yak Ranch said...

It is good to see folks enjoying yak burgers all over the country! I will have to check with my aunt Ruby to see if she happened by the stand.