Wednesday, October 3, 2007

books and butterflies

Jim wanted a picture of his garden before the cold comes. This is the result. It was taken yesterday and there are even more morning glories today.

I went out in the garden a minute ago just to check the monarch chrysalis and it is very dark. Hopefully it will hatch tomorrow and then it will have a day or so to nectar up and then we are supposed to have cold weather.
Cross your fingers.
I needed a garden break today because I have been playing on the computer. I was looking up an author and one of the links on goodsearch was for bookcrossing so I followed it and was entranced to find this network of people who leave books to be 'found' by new readers. I was just so delighted to see it. Evidently not too many people in North Dakota do this, but someone from Grand Forks does so maybe I can start a little sub-branch in Mayville. Or Fargo.

I have a few books I could send out into the world.
Then later while searching for the same author on ABE I found their book sleuth service. Now I have found that in the past and forgotten about it but it was fun to spend some time there again.
I expect I have not heard from you because you are starting your masters in library science online and learning all about it. And maybe because you are waiting for your new computer.

So I will do a little posting here to take up the slack.

Love ya'



Mary Drew said...

Ahhhhh, Jim is so beautiful!

Nancy Drew said...

Isn't he just the bees knees?! There are lots of bees and thus lots of besz knees in this garden.